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Gooooooooooooooood day! A long form is a popular way to tell magazine type stories on the web.
Here are some common tips for this kind of content that could help you?with your creations.

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First steps

Before you start designing your interactive project, we?d like to share with you this roadmap to get you started on?your first creation!

Here are some useful links to begin with?Racontr:

Size of the scene

  • As the name suggests, the scene size will be long, horizontally or vertically, allowing the display of?a lot of information on one page.

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Types of interactions

  • Click/tap and rollover actions with different effects: opacity, scale, rotation…

Focus: Create actions

  • Add?scroll-to actions and create anchor points in your project.

Focus:?Using scroll-tu functions

Optimize your medias

  • For a faster?project, we recommend that you export?your videos into a?MP4 format using the H.264 codec?and your images or photographs into jpegs or png, but why don?t you read more about it by clicking on the link below?

Focus: Optimize ?your content

Tips for this content

  • With the scroll-in / scroll-out, you can display items on the scene according to the user’s position inside.

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