What kind of name is Racontr?


What kind of name is Racontr?

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]You?ve been quite a lot to follow us on Twitter and Facebook?in the last 10 days since we launched our beta registration. And maybe you?ve wondered why the F we would call ourselves Racontr (or maybe not but we wrote this article anyway).

As you now might know, Racontr is the evolution of Djehouti, an interactive storytelling software we?ve released on September, 2011. We?ve been often asked what Djehouti meant. It is not just gibberish but actually the name of the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge (also known as Tot). Since we are exploring new forms of writing, of storytelling, it seamed appropriate.

So why change it now? Two reasons. The first one is quite prosaic: it remained sometimes difficult to say and most of all write Djehouti for some people. So there is a marketing motivation behind the rebranding, of course. But above all, we changed because we felt like we needed a name that made more sense as we were launching a social platform for storytellers ? and not only for storytelling, which makes all the difference.

The name search was dreadfully long, we came across several names (most of them with the word ??story?? in them, such as Storydeck or Storymakers). And we found out that most of them we?re already in use by one of the many storytelling applications out there. But we are different from these applications, we do not just provide a solution for interactive videos, or augmented photos, or websites ; we provide a solution for all of that, and more!

So at some point Racontr emerged. We liked it for many reasons. First of all, to be a bit chauvinistic, it has a french origin, while being also part of the english language. Since we are based in Paris, this is a name that is somewhat of an origin story!

Plus Racontr means something. It has an actual definition that we cherish: ? Raconteur : a person who excels in the art of telling stories??. With Racontr we have a perfect way to describe our platform but also the people that will make it alive. Without a community of several ? Racontrs??, our solution would serve no purpose. We could have kept our technology internal, building ourselves a nice competitive advantage over interactive producers and others digital agencies, building interactive project only for our clients.

What we want most of all is to make interactive experiences an industry of its own, a medium of its own. And with Racontr we wanted to give this medium a platform to thrive upon. You had YouTube or Vimeo for your videos, Flickr or Instagram for your photos, WordPress or Tumblr for your words and blogs, now you?ll have Racontr for your interactive works.

All right, no more brand storytelling for now! Stay tuned for more news about the beta release of Racontr on Facebook and Twitter. And don?t forget to register to be a beta-tester here if you haven?t already.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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